Business Links Reports

ISO's Engineering and Safety Service (E&S™) publishes a series of Business Links Reports that provide concise information on risk management and loss control for specific types of businesses.

Each report provides an exposure abstract, a complete assessment of the exposures, and intervention strategies for loss control.

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Reports are available for a wide variety of risks, including:

  • automobile repair shops
  • beverage distributors
  • bakeries
  • building-material dealers
  • carpentry contractors
  • convenience stores
  • dry cleaners and laundries
  • electrical contractors
  • exterminating and pest control companies
  • fast-food restaurants
  • general warehousing companies
  • HVAC contractors
  • hotels and motels
  • janitorial services companies
  • landscape contractors
  • plastics processing companies
  • roofing contractors
  • supermarkets

Business Links Reports provide immediate, practical support for professionals in the field. You get focused research and advice on the types of businesses your staff works with most often.

For each type of business, the Business Links Report provides:

  • the SIC, NAICS, ISO, and NCCI codes
  • a description of the business operations
  • a guide to identifying and assessing exposures
  • information on controlling those exposures
  • a summary of the key areas of concern by line of insurance
  • information on the relative risk for each line
  • hyperlinks to other reports providing additional information on specific aspects of the subject

The reports focus on the likely exposures for six lines of coverage:

  • commercial auto
  • liability
  • property – crime
  • property – fire
  • property – inland marine and business interruption
  • workers' compensation

Electronic access with powerful search capabilities

Business Links Reports are available electronically through E&S on ISOnet®. You get powerful yet easy-to-use search capabilities. For added depth, hyperlinks take you to related reports and external reference sources.

Using Business Links Reports

E&S encourages subscribing companies to use Business Links Reports internally and externally. You can use the reports as accurate, timely resources for your own research. And you can cut and paste portions of the reports directly into policyholder letters and other materials.

E&S permits subscribing companies to post a limited number of reports on their public websites. And if you have a private, secure extranet website, you can arrange with E&S to give users a seamless connection to the reports — through E&S Enterprise Subscription Service.

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