Underwriting global energy risk can be a highly technical process that’s often extremely expensive and time-consuming. Assessing this type of risk is part art and part science, requiring deep expertise and specialized knowledge.

To help address this challenge, Verisk has assembled a global energy risk consulting team comprised of leading risk management experts across every part of the energy, chemicals, and metals and mining value chain. Energy insurers can tap into this shared wealth of knowledge to help gain deeper insight, underwrite with more precision, improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and grow profitably.

Global experience in energy risk consulting

Verisk’s energy and insurance consulting service can provide timely, actionable insights to help you address your specific underwriting, product management and development, and strategic planning needs.

Customized consulting services include:

Data day sessions
View and work with Verisk energy and aggregate insurance data to determine how it can best enhance your portfolio.

Portfolio assessment
Help improve the condition of your book of business and achieve greater profitability through deeper insight into your portfolio.

Ad hoc
Tap into the resources of multiple Verisk businesses to address your specific energy underwriting and data needs.

Risk selection and classification
Spot premium leakage so you can prioritize corrective actions at point of renewal and properly train underwriters to recognize new business classifications.

Proof of concept
See how you can gain more accurate insight into risk at point of quote and achieve real-time aggregate-exposure management and process and cost efficiencies when you apply Verisk data to your underwriting, risk engineering, and portfolio management processes.


Why is the energy industry so challenging to insure?

Elizabeth Casas, Managing Director of Energy and Insurance at Verisk, examines the issues insurers face.