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2022 Emerging Issues Bracket Challenge

What emerging issues keep you up at night?

While 2022 hasn’t (yet) brought us a reprieve from COVID-19, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that there are still plenty of other emerging issues that may demand our attention.

The 2022 Emerging Issues Bracket Challenge highlights some of these, including some new ones (hello NFTs), narrowing a field of 32 topics in a tournament-style matchup until only one remains.

And the top emerging issue is…

What were some of the trends behind this year’s top issues? What did Verisk’s resident bracketologist make of this year’s competition?

Bracket Chat: 2022 Challenge Recap


Bracket Chat: 2022 Challenge Recap

Listen to Christopher Sirota and Travis Decaminada from the Emerging Issues team recap the top issues from this year’s challenge.

Looking back: Emerging Issues Bracket Challenge archives

2022 Bracket Challenge topics in focus


Alternative Energy

Energy storage systems play an increasingly critical role in energy infrastructure. But are they a major fire hazard waiting to happen?

Energy storage system (ESS) market continues to grow


Industrial hemp farmers and marijuana farmers may be botanically at odds if their fields are located too close to each other.

Hemp vs. marijuana: Cross-pollination concerns grow

Climate Crisis

Changing Arctic weather patterns are beginning to produce tangible results beyond the Arctic that could eventually reverberate throughout the world.

Permafrost, peatlands, and the Arctic domino effect

Internet of Things (IoT)

Edge computing may be around the corner, delivering with it a host of associated risks and benefits. Could edge computing have a significant impact on emerging technologies, as well as many others?

Edge computing is coming: What is it?

Supply Chain

How come some U.S. farmers are being compelled to waste so many food products when hundreds of millions of people—both at home and abroad—are dealing with crisis levels of hunger?

Indoor vertical farming: The future of food production and distribution?


The computing power required to mine cryptocurrency requires tremendous amounts of energy and, as a result, poses a risk to the environment in the form of greenhouse gas emissions.

What can be done about cryptocurrency’s energy use?

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