Web Presence Search

The Decision Net® Web Presence Search makes it easier to search the Internet for hard-to-find insights on claimants, witnesses, and other people involved in a claim. The search screens millions of websites and data sources in just seconds and returns results in a convenient match report. Fill out the form on the right to learn more now.

Why you need the Web Presence Search

Websites, social networks, photo-sharing services, blogs, and other online data sources contain massive amounts of information that can reveal key details on the background and activities of a particular subject, helping you investigate suspicious claims and fight insurance fraud.

The challenge has been time: Conducting multiple online searches has typically taken too long to complete, leaving you with a patchwork of findings that may or may not match the person of interest. Our Web Presence Search alleviates those pressures, accelerating the delivery of important results you can use.

How the Web Presence Search works

The Web Presence Search identifies an individual’s “web footprint” — the trail of digital information left behind from participation and postings on social networking and other websites. The search uses multiple search engines and customized web-crawling tools to screen millions of online sources and displays findings in a match report summary.

Each match report contains a list of URLs to web pages where the search has detected a reference to the subject. Click on each link to access the self-reported and third-party information available for public viewing, including:

  • personal profiles
  • employment history
  • educational background
  • recreational interests and activities
  • personal photographs, including images of family members, friends, and associates
  • video clips
  • blog posts
  • news articles

Each match report sorts the URL list by match integrity, so the closest matches to your search criteria appear first. Each report also includes URLs to sites where the match to a subject may not be as strong. Those sites may yield additional insight should your investigation warrant the widest possible coverage of personal activity on the web.

Please note: In some cases, search results may include links to websites that your company’s Internet security protocols may block. Contact your systems administrator to explore options for viewing web content.

Where to find it

You’ll find the Web Presence Search on the Public Records/People page of Decision Net. Text-sensitive links on this page provide access to a search description, product sample, and pricing.

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