Vehicle Location Reports

Our Decision Net® Vehicle Location Report provides a historical perspective about a vehicle’s location over time. Each report offers several important features, including firsthand photographic evidence and mapping of vehicle sightings.

The report gives you:

  • a photo of the vehicle’s license plate
  • GPS coordinates for each location where the vehicle was sighted
  • a date-and-time stamp for each photo

Has a policyholder claimed to garage in one state when the vehicle is located in another? Is a workers' comp claimant saying he’s in pain even though he’s been going to the gym every day? You can answer these questions and more with Vehicle Location Reports, a new tool in Decision Net.

Vehicle Location Reports are a unique and powerful claims and insurance fraud investigation tool and the first of its kind. Reports can help you:

  • locate witnesses, claimants, or other parties to a claim
  • investigate suspicious auto claim filings
  • examine a partial view of the physical condition of insured vehicles for preexisting damage
  • validate claimant statements and supporting information
  • identify and validate instances of potential rate evasion

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If you report a stolen vehicle to ISO ClaimSearch®, the report will include information up to the date of theft.

Note: You can search as many times as you wish. Fees apply only when the system returns match information. There is no charge when your query does not result in a vehicle sighting. So your ROI potential with Vehicle Location Reports is much higher.

Where to find Vehicle Location Reports

Log on to Decision Net, and go to the Vehicle History Report on the Public Records – Vehicle Data page of Decision Net. You can access that page through a link on the Decision Net home page or on a tab on the Public Records data entry screen. The Vehicle Data page also provides access to a product description and sample of the standard report.

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