Vehicle Data Reports

Access critical information about a vehicle’s history and registration with vehicle data reports from Decision Net®. Save time by using this centralized resource to secure the data you need to make smarter claims-handling decisions.

You can now use Decision Net to access Vehicle Location Reports. Get license plate photos, GPS coordinates, and date-and-time stamps to find witnesses, investigate suspicious claims, and validate instances of rate evasion.

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Vehicle Registration Reports

Vehicle Registration Reports give you information about a vehicle’s registration, title, and plate type. Search results may vary depending on the search criteria you use and the state where the owner registered the vehicle. However, most users will receive information on:

  • the vehicle’s year, make, model, body style, and vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • the name and complete address of the individual who registered the vehicle
  • the name of a cosigner or second owner, if applicable
  • the expiration date of the registration
  • the plate type, such as regular, vanity, dealer, or commercial
  • the name of the leasing company, if applicable
  • whether the vehicle has a “branded” title, indicating an unusual condition in the vehicle’s history (junked, salvaged, flooded, or the like)

You can submit your order on the Public Records – Vehicle Data page of Decision Net. Order the report three different ways: enter a vehicle identification number, a license plate number and state, or the owner’s surname and address. The system displays your report instantly.

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Please note: Each Vehicle Registration Report provides a profile of ownership and the vehicle in general. The report is not a copy of the vehicle registration document on file with the state division of motor vehicles (DMV). (If you wish to order a copy of the vehicle registration document on file with the state DMV, you may do so from the Public Records – Vehicle Data page. Those documents take several weeks to deliver.)

CARFAX® vehicle history reports

Access CARFAX® vehicle history reports through Decision Net for all cars and light trucks from model year 1981 to the present. These reports provide valuable insights into claims investigations, including:

  • odometer readings and mileage information to help detect fraud
  • prior accidents that may have a bearing on a claim
  • prior vehicle damage (for example, flood damage) that may have contributed to an accident
  • registration history to see if a personal vehicle was registered as commercial
  • recorded activity after a vehicle was stolen, including police records, vehicle service and repair records, and recovery notices from state DMVs

You can submit your order on the Public Records – Vehicle Data page of Decision Net®. Simply enter the vehicle’s VIN, and the system will display your report instantly.

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