Police Reports

Decision Net® offers electronic access to a comprehensive source of police reports and related information. You can order reports from tens of thousands of agencies across the United States, with complete national coverage.

Accessing police reports and related information through Decision Net significantly improves claims handling and investigations. With the click of a mouse, you get a screen automatically prefilled with required information — ready to initiate a request for a report. You save time and money.

Through Decision Net, you can request:

  • police accident reports
  • incident reports and photographs
  • fire reports
  • vehicle title histories
  • driver histories
  • vehicle registration and insurance information
  • OSHA reports
  • coroner reports
  • death certificates

In addition, the system returns reports in electronic format, allowing you to save them for future reference. And because you’re in Decision Net already, you can navigate easily to other services such as public records — streamlining your claims workflow.

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