Motor Vehicle Reports

Order nationwide motor vehicle reports (MVRs) with Decision Net®, and centralize your operation for efficiency and improved results. For most states and the District of Columbia, you get instant access to information from state driving record databases.

Decision Net gives you timely, comprehensive, and reliable reports on an individual's driving history, including:

  • driver’s license information
  • driving history, including deducted DMV points
  • driving restrictions, such as glasses and hearing aids
  • special endorsements, including tank and hazardous materials
  • state-specific rules, regulations, and requirements

With Decision Net, you access information from the premier provider of motor vehicle reports — the Insurance Information Exchange® (iiX) unit of ISO Analytics.

Here’s how it works

Submit your order through the Driver History link in the Special Searches section of Decision Net. For most states, you can enter an individual’s driver’s license number, and the system will return a comprehensive report containing the individual's driving history and license details. While the system is processing your order, you can check the Status & Results section of Decision Net for up-to-the-minute status updates.

Decision Net consolidates your monthly billing for MVRs and eliminates the costs of processing checks for multiple state agencies.

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