Financial Stress Report

The new Financial Stress Report from Decision Net® can help you analyze the financial health of a claimant or other interested party faster and more thoroughly. The report features public records information that points to a subject’s recent or previous financial challenges and hardships. Each report includes extracts from bankruptcy, liens, judgments, and foreclosure filings across multiple legal jurisdictions.

The Financial Stress Report includes information about:

  • bankruptcies — details from personal filings submitted to and maintained by all districts of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system
  • liens — federal, state, and county tax liens, as well as property liens, building liens, hospital liens, and mechanics liens
  • judgments — federal and county civil rulings specifying the rights, monetary damages, and obligations of the parties to a lawsuit
  • foreclosures — public filings at county courthouses, county recorder offices, tax assessors offices, and sheriff’s offices

ISO ClaimSearch® refreshes the liens, judgments, and foreclosures featured in the report every two weeks and the bankruptcy records daily. The Decision Net Financial Stress Report offers national coverage for all record types.

Reports also offer access to the Decision Net Fraud Search. The Fraud Search returns information from a unique repository of fraud-related crime records in the ISO ClaimSearch system. This database, sourced by Intellicorp Records, Inc., a Verisk Analytics company, contains millions of records and is updated several times each month.

Where to find it

You’ll find the Financial Stress Report on the Public Records/People page of the ISO ClaimSearch Decision Net website. The Fraud Search is in the final section of the report. The system will return both the Financial Stress Report and Fraud Search findings instantly to your Status & Results section on the My Reports page of the website. The Fraud Search appears as a separate entry linked to the same search subject and reference number entered with your Financial Stress Report query.

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