The Web CEP service, included as part of Statistical Web Services, helps you detect errors in your statistical data before you send your submission files to ISO. Web CEP uses the same editing criteria that ISO uses as part of its submission system quality checks.

Web CEP, the online version of ISO's Company Edit Packages, provides the following features for streamlining the data submission and error correction process:

  • file upload — easily upload .txt or .zip files to run through the Web CEP service (Secure FTP transmission options are also available)
  • results review — review results and control reports that provide detail record counts and dollar amounts, summarized totals by type of statistic, summarized totals by line of insurance, error ratios, and a list of all error records
  • error correction — perform single of multiple corrections to an error file, preview highlighted changes, and confirm revisions to error fields
  • eligibility updates — ensure Web CEP edits are current with the latest changes to your company's line and state eligibility
  • submission preparation — preview submission error tolerances and send your corrected files directly to ISO's statistical data submission systems
  • notifications — receive online notifications when Web CEP processes are completed
  • edit definitions and edit tables — conveniently access ISO's edit definition manuals and edit tables online

For more information

Contact Carolin Paidoussis at Carolin.Paidoussis@verisk.com.