Submission History File

The Submission History File allows you to view your submission history, including current submission results, so you can determine whether corrective action to your data is necessary. This service also provides useful information to assist you when completing the Annual Verification. The latest two years of summarized submission data will be available.

The Submission History File features include:

  • Submission Analysis Reports — access an online .pdf file of your Submission History Report (SAR) with results of the submission files you send using Web CEP
  • Submission History File — view summarized data by line of insurance or for a specific submission
  • global line status — view the global line status for each line of insurance in a submission to determine if corrective activity is required
  • error code lookup — access the edit descriptions for all ISO statistical plans
  • production data correction — create error correction parameter records online to correct issues with data already processed through ISO's statistical data submission systems
  • volume reports — receive summarized volume reports by accounting period and line of insurance for each statistical plan

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