Ordering Information

Ordering Company Edit Packages and Related Products

For information on ordering Company Edit Packages and Related Products, please contact the Verisk Customer Support Center at:

E-mail: isonetadmin@verisk.com
Phone (US): 800-888-4476
Phone (International): 800-48977489

To subscribe to these products, your company must participate with ISO for Statistical Service for the corresponding line of insurance. Product updates will be made available quarterly (except the TCLSP, which is updated bi-annually).  The fee is based on an annual subscription for each Transmittal Group Number (TL) assigned to your company. In addition, a separate Licensing Agreement is required for Company Edit Package subscriptions. No additional fee will be incurred for accessing these products on Statistical Web Services Web CEP.

Customers who would like to change their current product recipient and/or recipient of ISO invoices for this product should complete the Receipt Billing Information form and return it to ISO.

For questions regarding the content of this page, please e-mail us at StatisticalWebServices@iso.com.