Cyber Risk Navigator

Is your growth strategy driven by robust cyber risk analytics and modeling?

The flexible modeling of Verisk’s Cyber Risk Navigator™ (formerly ARC) supports a wide range of affirmative cyber coverages to help inform risk selection, pricing, portfolio management, and risk transfer.

Leverage our leading cyber risk modeling platform

Cloudbased Modeling Framework

Flexibility and transparency

Verisk’s cloud-based, SaaS solution and modeling framework empowers you to explore unique views of risk and examine the underlying data and assumptions that drive modeled output.

Financial Impacts Of Cyber Security Threats

Comprehensive risk modeling

Risk models quantify the financial impact of several types of cyber threats such as security breaches, service provider downtime, ransomware, and more.

Cyber Exposure Database

Cyber risk data augmentation

Underlying the platform is a global industry exposure database with information from more than 100 million worldwide businesses. Leverage matching algorithms to access detailed cyber supply chain data and augment your own.

Quantify the impact of cybersecurity threats

Earth From Space

Quantify the impact of cybersecurity threats

Cyber risk remains a top concern and key opportunity for insurers and reinsurers, yet many have little or no cyber risk data in-house and lack the ability to manage the risk effectively. Manage your portfolio’s tail risk by gaining insights into which points of exposure aggregation are riskier than others and understand how systemic incidents can impact your overall portfolio. With Cyber Risk Navigator, you can manage cyber risk globally, enhance the underwriting of attritional and extreme event risks, and manage portfolio tail risk with one powerful solution.

Modeling fundamentals: systemic ransomware risk

Cyber Risk Modeling

Modeling fundamentals: systemic ransomware risk

Systemic ransomware has emerged as one of the most substantial cyber threats facing today’s interconnected world, with the potential of severe losses across an insurance portfolio. Learn how the risk of systemic ransomware cyber events can be quantified and managed using a cyber risk modeling platform.

Evaluate a wide range of policies exposed to cyber risk

Cyber Risk

Evaluate a wide range of policies exposed to cyber risk

Silent cyber coverage can reveal itself when the impacts of cyber incidents aren’t explicitly included or excluded in policy wording. Due to the potential for losses outside affirmative cyber lines, it’s important to understand your exposure to this potential threat. With our cyber models, you can evaluate cyber risk from commercial policies in any line of business, including property, general liability, E & O, and D & O.

Cyber solution of the year

Cyber Award Erm

Cyber solution of the year

Cyber Risk Navigator, formally referred to as ARC, is a part of Verisk's Cyber Solutions Suite, which was named Cyber Solution of the Year at the InsuranceERM Annual Awards 2020 – Americas. The Verisk Cyber Solutions suite, built on a database with information from more than 100 million worldwide organizations, delivers policy language, loss costs, analytics, modeling, workflow capabilities, and more.

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