Cyber Pricing, Underwriting, and Distribution Platform

Are you positioned to efficiently implement and manage a cyber insurance program?

With modern workflow and low-code/no-code technology, Verisk’s cyber pricing, underwriting, and distribution platform helps you migrate from Excel-based raters to an automated, web-based platform that’s tightly integrated with Verisk’s cyber solutions. The platform’s data aggregation delivers one clear view into your portfolio, regardless of the line of business.

Consolidate your data sets into one core system

Sequel Products

Consolidate your data sets into one core system

The cyber pricing, underwriting and distribution platform facilitates the creation of your own streamlined cyber underwriting ecosystem using Verisk’s suite of cyber solutions as well as third-party products. The tech you’ve invested in, and the data sets you rely on, can work more efficiently when integrated with the Verisk platform. Deep visualization tools and easy access to often-overlooked cyber data points and risk factors can mean potentially safer, more profitable new lines of business and insight into previously underutilized capacity across your company. Adding Verisk’s cyber pricing, underwriting, and distribution platform to your toolbelt is simple—no development time required. During the onboarding process, we’ll teach your team how to configure, adjust, integrate, and build the platform in whatever way works best for your business.

Powerful software for cyber insurers and reinsurers

Sequel Rulebook

Escape the spreadsheet, thrive in the cloud

Access a highly configurable authoring tool that helps you develop cyber rating algorithms, underwriting rules, and produce necessary documents. Automatically analyze spreadsheets from outdated tools and imports base formulas to its authoring feature. You can use it to streamline underwriting with data pre-fill options the Cyber Underwriting Report and third-party data services. And it can be implemented and managed with no coding work whatsoever.

Sequel Impact

All your cyber exposures, one clear view

With our exposure visualization and analysis platform you can aggregate the details of individual cyber risks, apply the policy terms and conditions to calculate their aggregate exposure, and determine the margins impact of adding an account to your portfolio. Use it to assess loss across multiple classes of business and perils and manage the risk appetite of your organization. It’s easy-to-configure data dictionary lets you customize the data you use to analyze your portfolio.

Cyber solution of the year

Cyber Award Erm

Cyber solution of the year

The pricing, underwriting, distribution, and visualization platform is a part of Verisk's Cyber Solutions Suite, which was named Cyber Solution of the Year at the InsuranceERM Annual Awards 2020 – Americas. The Verisk Cyber Solutions suite, built on a database with information from more than 100 million worldwide organizations, delivers policy language, loss costs, analytics, modeling, workflow capabilities, and more.

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