Cyber Data Exchange

Are you seeing the full picture of cyber insurance trends?

The Verisk Cyber Data Exchange enables participants to access credible, industry-wide premium and loss data on cyber risks and insurance trends, helping them gain a clearer picture into the cyber market.

Unleash the power of aggregated cyber insurance data

Cyber Model

Unleash the power of aggregated cyber insurance data

The Cyber Data Exchange gives contributing members access to rich datasets, visualizations, and business intelligence to help them better understand cyber insurance trends. The Exchange collects data on cyber claims, including incurred loss, economic loss, loss adjustment expense, claims description, and attack vector and source. It also aggregates vital policy data such as gross written premium, revenue, NAICS code, limit and deductible, and insuring agreements. Policy and loss data are aggregated, anonymized, and accessible to contributors via interactive dashboards.

Cyber Monday Series

Verisk Cyber Monday Series

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April 26 - June 7, every other Monday

Join us for a series of virtual gatherings as Verisk cyber risk experts and their esteemed industry guests discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the cyber market today.

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Growing momentum for new cyber insights

Nationwide is contributing premium and loss records to the Cyber Data Exchange, becoming part of growing effort to gain new insights into the rapidly changing world of cyber risk.

How to close the cyber insurance data gap

Data Exchange

How to close the cyber insurance data gap

Cyber insurance is a growing market, but a lack of credible cyber insurance data can hamper your product development, pricing, and strategic decision making. By joining the Cyber Data Exchange, you can gain a clearer view into cyber insurance trends by tapping into the collective experience of participating members.

Cyber solution of the year

Cyber Award Erm

Cyber solution of the year

The Cyber Data Exchange is a part of Verisk's Cyber Solutions Suite, which was named Cyber Solution of the Year at the InsuranceERM Annual Awards 2020 – Americas. The Verisk Cyber Solutions suite, built on a database with information from more than 100 million worldwide organizations, delivers policy language, loss costs, analytics, modeling, workflow capabilities, and more.

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