Loss Payee, Mortgagee, and Producer Notifications and Escrow Billing

CV-Exchange® helps you streamline your processes for loss payee and mortgagee notifications, producer notifications of return mail, and escrow billing invoices. The system uses electronic delivery services that deliver data quickly and reduce returned mail significantly. CV-Exchange can accommodate personal home notices or commercial property notices.

Loss payee and mortgagee notifications

The CV-Exchange service will streamline your process for notifying loss payees of policy changes affecting their collateral. It uses multiple databases and sophisticated match technology to perform address correction operations for your loss payee and mortgagee notifications. The service then sends “cleansed” addresses through electronic data interchange (EDI), our NoticeLink® web delivery, fax services, or the U.S. Postal Service to the appropriate lender or tracking agent.

Producer notifications

The producer return mail notifications service sends information about returned mail directly to your company's agents. The service eliminates the need for you to contact agents about returned mail and reduces the time required to file and archive returned notifications.

Escrow billing

The escrow billing service streamlines the labor-intensive escrow billing invoice process. CV-Exchange will aggregate the information by lender and send the invoices by electronic data interchange (EDI), or it will print and mail the invoices.

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