How would you rather spend time and money: monitoring court cases or incorporating the impact of legal decisions into your business strategy?

Tracking case law, dissecting complex coverage issues, and analyzing the potential impact of decisions on policy language can be costly and time-consuming.

Need help understanding and implementing relevant court decisions into your insurance business operations?

See how Courtside can give you the data you need.


CourtSide can help

CourtSide is an out-of-the-box solution that gathers legal decisions and aggregate verdict data and scores thousands of insurance-related legal decisions curated by ISO professionals into highly structured, focused data and visualizations.

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Why is case law tracking critical for auto insurers?

Court decisions can have a profound impact on an insurer's auto book of business. They can affect everything from the types of exposures carriers are willing to insure to their reserve allocation strategies and beyond.

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washington ruling thumbnail.jpgWhy is tracking insurance case law important?

This real world example highlights the intricacies and challenges today's insurers face when tracking precedents in a highly-dynamic, legal environment.

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