Catastrophe Consulting Service

Your company's survival may depend on whether you can withstand a large catastrophe. With ISO's Catastrophe Consulting Service, you can work with our actuaries and the most extensive database in the industry to manage your hurricane catastrophe exposure. We can work with you, using one of the industry's leading catastrophe modelers — AIR Worldwide Corporation. Our Catastrophe Consulting Service will also help you manage your exposure to other natural disasters.

This service can help you:

  • measure your catastrophe exposure
  • customize the catastrophe component of your rates to reflect your specific needs
  • underwrite risks to minimize your exposure
  • compare your risk to groups of your peers or to the industry
  • analyze your needs for:
    - reinsurance
    - instruments for secularization of risk
    - other tools for financing risk

For more information . . .

. . . or to discuss a specific proposal for your company, call Paul Ericksen at 201-469-2369, or send e-mail to