Capital Management Consulting Services

Managing an insurer's capital is a lot more complicated than it used to be. You need to worry about:

  • what to invest in
  • how much
  • when

How do you balance the rewards with the risks? Is a line of business really as profitable or unprofitable as it appears using standard metrics?

ISO's Capital Management Consulting Services can help you deal with the dynamics of capital management, investment, and risk financing. And we can help you evaluate your situation in the context of enterprise risk management.

ISO's consultants can assess your situation through dynamic financial analysis (DFA), using ISO's Underwriting Risk Model to gauge the insurance aspects.

We can help you determine:

  • how much capital to hold
  • how to allocate the cost of capital
  • how much reinsurance to buy
  • what types of business to underwrite
  • the degree of correlation of risks
  • answers to other strategic business questions

We can work with you to gauge the risk/reward trade-offs in implementing different strategies, such as reinsurance programs, merger and acquisition activities, entry into new lines of business, and other alternative growth scenarios.

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