Verisk Commercial Training and Education

Verisk’s Program for Strategic Partners will help you get the most out of our relationship

Ongoing training and education might be one of the most important functions of any strategic partnership. Our goal is to make sure our customers take advantage of every resource and opportunity your relationship with Verisk offers. Our program will give you a complete understanding of the functionality we bring to your organization through products and services you already invest in with us. And the program is free.

Whether you need to understand facets of our products that you haven’t explored yet, learn ways to use our products differently, or look at complementary products and services that can help your business, we have a training presentation just for you. Improve guidelines, procedures, or regulatory requirements; stay current with product enhancements; learn about trending topics and best practices; or delve into more specific training needs.

Delivered at your location for your convenience

Verisk Commercial brings our training and education right to you. We provide a group learning environment with onsite technical experts to deliver our presentation, leading discussions related to you and your business. You’ll get answers to all your questions from the people who know the solutions best. Onsite learning:

  • increases engagement by training your staff as a team
  • makes sure everyone has a common understanding of Verisk solutions
  • tailors high quality programs to meet your needs
  • enables direct interaction with Verisk’s experts
  • targets course discussions to include proprietary issues
  • establishes a confidential environment to discuss how to apply what you’ve learned
  • maximizes flexibility with timing and location

A full curriculum of learning

Verisk Commercial has a full menu of learning and development programs to meet the educational needs of our strategic partners. Here’s a sample of the onsite programs we offer:

  • ProMetrix®—The Next Generation and Beyond
  • COPE Elements—Methodology
  • COPE Elements—Construction Classification
  • COPE Elements—Occupancy and Cooking
  • COPE Elements – Sprinkler Protection and Grading
  • COPE Elements—Exposures and Hazards of Occupancy
  • Building Underwriting Report—Analytics and Integration
  • Elements of PPCTM—Water and Hydrant Flow
  • Elements of PPCTM—Fire Station and Apparatus
  • Elements of PPCTM—Inside GIS

Our programs come in different educational formats so you can decide which bests suits your needs:

  • Face-to-Face: We’ll bring our experts to your location, classroom, or conference. Choose one of our current programs, or let us create a custom program for your organization.
  • Web-based: We offer online courses with interactive training and real-world solutions. We can present them to a large number of regional staff or select branch offices.
  • Blended: Experience the benefits of both face-to-face and e-learning education with a blended, onsite program.

Ready, set, go!

Whether you are looking for one program or a complete series, we can start collaborating today. Please contact Daniel O’Connor, Director of Customer Partnerships, at DO' or call him at 201-469-2933 to get started.