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Commercial Lines Customized Reports and Analyses

The reports and analyses provide information about the market for commercial auto, general liability, and other lines, in a format that meets your needs.

ISO's Commercial Lines Customized Reports and Analyses give you reliable, comprehensive data about the market for businessowners, commercial auto, commercial property, general liability, and other commercial lines of insurance.

We can supply the information in a format that meets your needs. And, for an insurer that reports statistics to ISO, we can generate customized files that let you compare your own company's commercial lines data with the ISO aggregate. We can also provide data from a group of companies like yours — for example, small agency companies or medium-to-large direct writers.

With Commercial Lines Customized Reports and Analyses, you get more than just statistics. You also get ISO's insight and analytical expertise, to transform raw data into focused information you can use.

What you can do with ISO's Commercial Lines Customized Reports and Analyses

With our reports and analyses you can:

  • make pricing decisions based on information in the single largest, most credible commercial lines statistical database available
  • examine and evaluate experience across most commercial lines of insurance for the market segments of your choice
  • evaluate the profitability of current and potential markets
    • perform benchmark analyses, comparing your company's experience and performance with ISO industry-aggregate experience or experience for peer groups
    • conduct market research for a state, territory, or market segment
  • compare your company's experience with that of the industry for trends in claim frequency and severity; claim settlement patterns; and distributions by coverage, type/cause of loss, class/occupancy, construction/protection
  • track allocated loss-adjustment expense (ALAE) separately from indemnity losses for the liability insurance lines

The information available

We provide information for these major commercial lines of insurance:

  • businessowners
  • commercial automobile
  • commercial fire and allied lines
  • crime
  • general liability
  • inland marine
  • farm
  • medical professional liability
  • professional liability

You can choose the level of detail and type of information you want in your report, including:

  • state
  • territory
  • coverage
  • class/occupancy
  • policy limits
  • deductible
  • construction/protection
  • cause/type of loss
  • premiums
  • losses
  • exposures
  • claims
  • payout patterns
  • insurance trend data

For the liability lines, loss experience is available separately for indemnity and allocated loss-adjustment expense. For businessowners and commercial fire and allied lines, experience is available separately for building, contents, and time-element coverages. That experience is also available by size of loss and amount of insurance.

For commercial automobile physical damage and commercial fire and allied lines, we can also provide experience by cause of loss. Beginning with 1998 experience, losses for salvage and subrogation are available.

Ratemaking data

We can supply the data underlying the ISO loss cost reviews. You can request that we make various adjustments to that experience using ISO ratemaking factors or factors that you supply, such as:

  • premium information at Aggregate Loss Costs at Current ISO Levels (ALCCL)*
  • losses displayed split between basic and excess limits
  • smoothing procedures applied to property losses
  • trended exposures, premiums, and losses
  • losses developed to an anticipated settlement basis
  • increased limits factors

* For several lines, ISO calculates Aggregate Loss Costs at Current ISO Levels by rerating each policy premium transaction using the current ISO manual loss costs and applicable rating variables.

Base decisions on the largest commercial lines databases available

ISO's database contains approximately 75% of the total U.S. commercial lines market, making it the largest single source of commercial lines experience available. No individual insurer database can even approach the size — and therefore the credibility — of ISO's collection of statistics. And we perform extensive checks on the data to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

The information you need in the format you want

Using our vast collection of data and our expert analytical skills, ISO can assemble the information that meets your needs. We'll format the reports to suit you. And you can get your reports on paper, diskette, CD-ROM, cartridge, or tape. You'll receive your reports quickly and at a reasonable cost.

For more information . . .

. . . on Commercial Lines Customized Reports and Analyses — or to get in touch with a sales representative — contact us. You can also call us at 1-800-888-4476.