Commercial and Residential Property Reports

Thinking about insuring that six-bedroom Victorian on the hill? Can you even begin to guess at all the hazards that might be lurking in the gables of such a structure?

Considering an investment in a sports bar? How would you know if the kitchen were a grease fire waiting to happen?

ISO's Commercial and Residential Property Reports give you the answers. Our detailed evaluations of properties provide information such as:

  • construction type
  • use of the building or occupancy of the dwelling
  • public and private fire protection
  • security measures
  • exposure to natural hazards, such as brushfires and flooding
  • proximity to hazardous structures or areas unrelated to the surveyed property

Conveniently organized, the reports present the facts line by line, in digestible blocks according to hazard type. You'll quickly zero in on the risks that concern you most.

A comments section allows you to step further into a building and see more detailed descriptions of specific hazards.

Each report also contains diagrams of all structures on the property. For many properties, you can also get color photographs showing the building's interior or exterior features. Short of visiting the location yourself, our Commercial and Residential Property Reports give you the most complete picture of a commercial building or dwelling.

ISO can customize the information we collect and present it in a format that meets your needs.

You can get Commercial and Residential Property Reports by mail, or you can order and retrieve reports through ISOnetSM, our new Internet information service.

A wide variety of services

ISO provides a wide variety of other survey services for commercial and residential properties. Available reports include:

Commercial Lines

  • Apartment/Condominium Reports
  • Builder's Risk Reports
  • Casualty Reports
  • Church Reports
  • Class Rate/Loss-Cost Verifications
  • Earthquake/Earth Movement Reports
  • Farm and Ranch Reports
  • Flood Service
  • Multiline Reports
  • Rate/Loss-Cost Analyses
  • Restaurant Reports

Personal Lines

  • Automobile Reports
  • Boat and Yacht Reports
  • Brush Reports
  • Flood Service
  • High-Value Dwelling Reports
  • Windstorm Reports

And ISO can customize any of those reports to meet your specific needs.

For more information . . .

. . . on any of ISO's Commercial and Residential Property Reports, contact ISO. You can also call us at 1-800-888-4476.