ISO ClaimSearch Reimagined!

Visualized ISO ClaimSearch offers redesigned match reports that provide actionable insight into a company’s claims. The new reports are graphical, interactive, and easy to navigate. Additional improvements include:

  • alerts that highlight potential issues within the claim
  • quick links to additional data sources
  • loss history timeline
  • loss location and address mapping
  • historical claim versioning and audit capability
  • increased data security

Over the next 18 months, we'll be moving all of our customers onto this robust system. You can find answers to your top questions about this transition here:

Over the next 18 months, all customers who aren't currently using the new version of ISO ClaimSearch will move to the new visualized platform. In order for all customers to reap the numerous benefits of this robust, interactive system, access to traditional ISO ClaimSearch match reports will discontinue on June 30, 2019.

Traditional ISO ClaimSearch match reports are accessed in numerous ways: Some customers receive web match reports, others receive PDF match reports attached to the claim; some use XML style sheets to transform data into reports, others use the data to create their own version of the match report. Visualized ISO ClaimSearch replaces all of these methods with a more insight-driven report.

The new reports both save time and focus adjusters' work. Traditional match reports were static and often several pages long, making review time-consuming. With visualized ISO ClaimSearch, match reports highlight the relevant insights so users can easily determine which aspects of the claim may require further investigation. Conversely, the match reports will also immediately indicate if a claim can be fast-tracked for quick settlement.

When you access claim details through ISO’s hosted environment on the visualized platform, your users benefit from new enhancements as soon as they become available—while significantly reducing the need for IT involvement. Usage and alert dashboards provide additional insight. And customers benefit from added security benefits as well, including:

  • single sign-on integration, so your users can seamlessly access and interact with ISO ClaimSearch right from within your own claim system
  • SaaS delivery, which ensures no ISO ClaimSearch data is stored locally on customer servers
  • automatic partial masking of personal information (PII) that allows only SIU access to this data
  • an enhanced print feature that redacts all nonessential information and partially masks all PII

Visualized ISO ClaimSearch is available today for any customers who access their match reports via the ISO ClaimSearch website. Just click on the link within the current match report or use the "Search My Claims" feature to retrieve a report based on claim number or ISO File Number. For ease of access, match reports can be accessed by searching a number of fields, including claim number, policy number, VIN, SSN, driver's license number, license plate, phone number, and TIN.

If your company would like to build further integration directly from your claim system to the match report within visualized ISO ClaimSearch, we can work with you to incorporate single sign-on for seamless, secure access.

While visualized ISO ClaimSearch can be accessed today through the website with no IT effort, we suggest building integration into your claim system so that your users can take advantage of easy single sign-on. This integration has another important advantage: We can send claims' red/yellow/green status and key alerts right to your claim system. This critical information can be incorporated into adjusters' workflow and assist in triaging claims. Please contact us if you'd like to begin an IT project to build single sign-on integration and/or build further triaging integration into your claim system.

Good news. We have already built an accelerator to Guidewire that will allow you to ingest visualized ISO ClaimSearch. To learn more, click here. You will need to initiate a project to take in the accelerator. Integration has also been completed on Marsh and Majesco, so contact your vendor to learn how to take advantage of this. Please note, integration is limited to specific versions of these systems. For those running other claim systems, please contact your claim system vendor and ask them to contact ISO to initiate integrating visualized ISO ClaimSearch on your behalf.

Companies who use the web match reports can rest easy, as you'll be redirected to visualized ISO ClaimSearch in first quarter 2018. For system-to-system companies, the PDF match reports will no longer be available starting July 1, 2019. At that time, your company will be able to manually retrieve the visualized ISO ClaimSearch reports using the "Search My Claims" feature (unless you've built further integration). XML style sheet output will no longer be supported or enhanced as of July 1, 2019. All customers should plan to use visualized ISO ClaimSearch as soon as possible to benefit from the value and increased efficiency it offers. All future enhancements and new features will be offered only through visualized ISO ClaimSearch.

Visualized ISO ClaimSearch is not a replacement for Claims Inquiry. The new system takes the traditional match report and converts it into a graphic, interactive version that contains the same matching claims you receive today. However, the new report does not mirror the results you'd receive from Claims Inquiry. Going forward, you can still use Claims Inquiry to further investigate claims that require broader searches for extended time periods or different search parameters.

For questions about making the move to visualized ISO ClaimSearch, please contact us at