Energy and Insurance Solutions


Empowering the energy insurance world with knowledge and insights

Data analytics tools and insights to help insurers underwrite with more precision, improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and grow profitably in the diverse and complex energy market.


Energy and insurance solutions and benefits

Robust solutions help insurers evaluate and select risks and manage portfolios based on broad industry data.

Verisk helps you:


Streamline the underwriting process to reduce your expense ratios

Support strategic planning with better commercial information to enhance growth and profitability

Bring more precision to underwriting models to improve your loss ratios

Integrate portfolio- and single-risk modeling and accumulation-management capabilities to protect capital, solvency, and financial strength rating

Access a wealth of data

Underwriting energy risks can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Verisk draws upon deep domain expertise and proprietary data across Verisk businesses, including ISO, AIR Worldwide, and Wood Mackenzie.

Insurers gain access to:


11,500 data points on more than 1,000 refineries around the world

55 million energy data points in the global upstream oil and gas industry

Information on 8,900 power plants in North America

20 billion records from more than 1,800 insurers

Data on 3,200 mining and metal assets, including coal, iron ore, and gold

More than 10,000 offshore assets around the world


Brochure: Empowering the energy insurance world with data analytics

Discover the benefits of Verisk’s Energy and Insurance solutions.

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