Life insurers and reinsurers tell us that failure to disclose tobacco use is a top underwriting concern. As accelerated underwriting gains traction, how do you balance thoroughness with the need for speed?


$10.2 billion
Estimated total premium lost over the next three years due to non-disclosure of tobacco use*

*Verisk research

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A new weapon in the fight against tobacco non-disclosure

What’s in a voice? If you’re a life insurer, a short snippet of an applicant’s voice can reveal hidden tobacco use, providing invaluable information during the underwriting process without the cost and intrusion of a lab test.

Download this whitepaper to learn how machine learning and audio analytics can provide life insurers an entirely new and seamless way to help fight tobacco non-disclosure.

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You have only one chance to get life underwriting right

Your customers want a fast quote.

You need accurate information to assess and price risk.

Can you improve your underwriting workflow to ensure that only individuals with a high tobacco usage propensity are sent for cotinine testing?

Verisk’s Tobacco Usage Propensity Model can help

Our Tobacco Usage Propensity Model combines cutting-edge audio analytics with traditional and non-traditional data sources to indicate—with a high degree of accuracy—the likelihood that an applicant is a smoker.


  • Increased underwriting speed and accuracy
  • Better customer experience
  • Streamlined workflow and lower costs
  • Increased straight-through processing at point of sale
  • Improved risk segmentation

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Why Verisk?

With its long history of delivering analytic and workflow solutions to the property/casualty industry, Verisk is now delivering these capabilities value to life insurers.

Take your life insurance business to new heights.

Find out how Verisk can support you. Send your information and we’ll contact you.

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