Self-reported driving histories are subject to omissions that can distort a critical underwriting factor. You need to know whether applicants have violations or license suspensions in their past that could influence underwriting and rating decisions.

Increase in state registry fees over ten years*

*Verisk research

Driving history data: Vital but expensive

MVR fees are subject to frequent increases that can hinder cost-effective access to driving history. After a decade of increases spanning more than 31 states, nationwide average fees are up by one-third, now exceeding $10.


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You can have driving history and risk information where and when it's needed

You can’t avoid the cost. The question is, which Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) should you buy?

Why not know what you need before you spend?

Pay for the MVRs you need… not the ones you don’t
Verisk delivers the tools to detect activity on your applicants’ driving records.

  • Get the MVRs you need to maintain underwriting integrity.
  • Avoid wasteful MVR spending on “clean” driving records.

MVR solutions to suit your needs

Get MVRs from any state in an easy-to-read format with violation codes translated.

Index of Activity (IOA)
Integrate a customized solution where it fits your workflow to capture violation data.

MVR Indicator
Bring data forward in the quote flow to fast-track clean drivers and reduce MVR costs.

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Reap the benefits—for you and your customers

  • Streamline requirements ordering
  • Help cut wasteful MVR spending on “clean” driving records
  • Reduce friction in automated transactions
  • Weigh value vs. cost of ordering an MVR report
  • Get current, verified records of activity, not models or predictors

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