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EHR Triage Engine

How do your workflows treat your underwriters and customers?

The typical life underwriting process can trap companies and agents in slow, manual workflows—and subjects customers to intrusive physical exams and lab work.

You don’t have to choose between precision and speed in your life underwriting


You don’t have to choose between precision and speed in your life underwriting

In a minute or less, Verisk’s advanced data analytics can extract critical insights from electronic health records (EHRs) to help drive straight-through processing for most policies—so you only review the records that require your expertise.

Accelerate life underwriting with EHRs

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Accelerate life underwriting with EHRs

Electronic health records can point the way to straight-through processing and a modernized, digitized customer experience. Learn how structured and unstructured EHR data can become a force for digital transformation.

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Explore the automated workflow that can help boost speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction while digitizing critical processes across your operations.

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Get ahead of EHR challenges and opportunities

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Get ahead of EHR challenges and opportunities

Life insurers have only begun to tap the full power of electronic health records (EHRs) for life accelerated underwriting. Explore the challenges, advantages, strategies, trends, and future of EHR integration.

Bind coverage right now, not next month

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It can take weeks to buy a life insurance policy—or it can take minutes. It depends on the tools you bring to help the customer through the process. Start by simplifying.

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Discover the latest life insurance insights

Quickly turn EHR data into actionable insight

Quickly Turn Ehr Data Into Actionable Insight

Quickly turn EHR data into actionable insight

Our EHR Triage engine can help enable underwriting decisions on the majority of applications in one minute or less, drawing on a powerful fusion of biostatistics, medical research, and data science to evaluate:

  • more than 50 risk elements
  • 95,000 impairments

And our regulatory and data privacy specialists help support our focus on compliance and security.

Bring EHR possibilities to life


Bring EHR possibilities to life

Explore opportunities and challenges of EHRs for life insurers—and where this exciting new data source may take the industry as the potential for automation is realized in underwriting workflows.

Unlock EHRs with the power of two

Verisk Life Video

Unlock EHRs with the power of two

How can life insurers go from manual review of electronic health records to automated, algorithmic workflows? Verisk and Human API discuss our collaboration to help accelerate use of (EHRs) in no-touch/low-touch underwriting and in-force portfolio management. See the joint on-demand webinar, including a demonstration of our EHR Triage Engine on Verisk’s FAST platform.

Uncover the digital opportunity in electronic health data

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Extracting the full value of electronic health records (EHRs) for automated life underwriting may seem daunting, but you can harness their power to enable your digital strategy. See how.

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More Insight From Health Data

More insight from health data: The coming change in life insurance

Some life insurers are drawing closer to tapping electronic health record (EHR) data to underwrite, engage customers, and promote health.
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Healthspan: What chronic illness and lifestyle mean for life insurance

Life insurers need to better grasp human health metrics to see the challenges and opportunities surrounding chronic disease and healthspan.

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Press Release

Life Insurers Can Now Distill Insights from Unstructured Data in Electronic Health Records, as Authorized by Consumers, with New Verisk Solution

Obtaining life insurance could soon become quicker and easier with the launch of an automated solution from Verisk.

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