Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a critical aspect of every life insurer’s risk management strategy.


Even with a decreased availability of policyholder risk data points due to changing underwriting practices and privacy restrictions, ERM teams are being tasked with establishing enterprise-wide risk metrics that support rapid and responsible business decisions.


How can ERM departments optimize their reserving and hedging strategies to drive smart financial growth while maximizing top-line revenue?

Verisk’s fully stochastic risk models can significantly enhance your ERM analytics capabilities and improve your ability to quantify catastrophic risk within investments and portfolios of properties.

Verisk’s probabilistic mortality projections account for uncertainty by assimilating several mortality and health data sets, behavioral and medical risk factors, and epidemiological research to help provide you with an in-depth view of risk.

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Life Risk Navigator provides actionable portfolio insights to support informed business decisions based on your specific financial strategies and risk appetite.

  • Integrate hedging strategies across assets and liabilities.
  • Simulate your balance sheet impact, including ALM and embedded value.
  • Determine the worst-case scenario by contract, by line of business, or across your entire organization.
  • Manage and gain added insight into accumulation risk.

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Life Expectancy in the U.S.: The Risk of Moving in the Wrong Direction

As science and technology improve, we should anticipate life expectancy logically to follow suit. So why did life expectancy in the United States drop three years in a row? And what does it mean for life insurers, reinsurers, and enterprise risk management?

Managing the Changing Mortality Risk in an Aging U.S. Population

The U.S. population is aging. It's expected that in the next 40 years, more than 20% of the population will be 65 or older. Since 1900, U.S. life expectancy has increased overall, thanks to medical advancements.

The U.S. Opioid Epidemic Is a Deadly and Costly Crisis

Although reports of opioid abuse started to become widespread in 2014 and this crisis was declared a public health emergency by the Acting Health and Human Services Secretary in October 2017, the “opioid epidemic” actually dates back to the 1990s.

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