Millennials and Insurance


Millennials are 22 percent of the U.S. adult population.* How will you cover them?

You won’t always find today’s prospects in the usual places. Millennials may not even have a permanent address—but they have property to protect. Insurers that can’t reach them may lose ground with customers who aren’t ready to put down roots.

* U.S. Census Bureau

Millennial belongings

Personal property

Offer insurance for today’s Americans, from millennials to empty nesters, who live more mobile lifestyles.

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Millennial driver

Personal auto

Upgrade auto policies with worldwide personal property coverage.

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White paper: Millennial consumers and the insurance industry

Millennials, or Generation Y, are coming of age and changing the game for insurers. Explore millennial lifestyles—including buying habits—and how they may affect insurance.

Millennial survey

ISO survey results on millennials and insurance

ISO worked with Hanover Research to explore millennials’ attitudes toward insurance, their coverage needs, and how well they understand insurance products.

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Innovation in 60 seconds: How might millennials pose a challenge to insurers?

Kevin Poll, director of product development at ISO, explains some ways that millennials might be challenging for insurers.