Commercial Lines Disclosure Endorsements

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This page summarizes the status of ISO's commercial lines disclosure endorsements filings in response to the line-item requirement of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002. The filings apply to all commercial lines for which ISO has made or implemented filings in response to the act.

Filing Endorsements related solely to losses from "certified acts of terrorism" (Filing Designation CL-2003-OTRDE)
Under a provision of the federal law, these endorsements are exempt from prior approval and otherwise applicable state waiting periods and are effective immediately upon filling.

  Filing Date Comments
Alabama 2/7/03  
Alaska 2/10/03  
Arizona 2/7/03  
Arkansas 2/7/03  
California 2/7/03  
Colorado 2/7/03  
Connecticut 2/7/03  
Delaware 2/10/03  
District of Columbia 2/7/03  
Florida 2/7/03  
Georgia 2/7/03  
Guam 2/10/03  
Hawaii Inland marine:
All other commercial lines: 2/6/03
Idaho 2/7/03  
Illinois 2/7/03  
Indiana 2/7/03  
Iowa 2/7/03  
Kansas 2/7/03  
Kentucky 2/7/03  
Louisiana 2/7/03  
Maine 2/7/03  
Maryland 2/7/03  
Massachusetts 2/7/03  
Michigan 2/7/03  
Minnesota 2/7/03  
Mississippi 2/7/03  
Missouri 2/7/03  
  8/1/03 Revised; refer to circular LI-CL-2003-050 (dated 8/14/03) for more info.
Montana 2/7/03  
Nebraska 2/7/03  
Nevada 2/7/03  
New Hampshire 2/7/03  
New Jersey 2/7/03  
New Mexico 2/7/03  
New York 2/19/03  
North Carolina 2/7/03  
North Dakota 2/7/03  
Ohio 2/7/03  
Oklahoma 2/7/03  
Oregon 2/7/03  
Pennsylvania 2/7/03  
Puerto Rico 2/7/03  
Rhode Island 2/7/03  
South Carolina 2/7/03  
South Dakota 2/7/03  
Tennessee 2/7/03  
Texas Commercial auto: 2/10/03
All other commercial lines: 2/7/03
Utah 2/7/03  
Vermont 2/7/03  
Virginia 2/7/03  
Virgin Islands 2/7/03  
Washington 2/7/03  
West Virginia 2/7/03  
Wisconsin 2/7/03  
Wyoming 2/7/03  

The information on this page is for early information only. Please refer to the relevant line circular, LI-CL-2003-011, dated 2/10/03, for important details.

Page updated September 22, 2003

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