Cyber insurance is one of the fastest-growing segments of insurance.

The ever-changing landscape of cyber risk—coupled with a lack of access to industrywide exposure data—leaves many insurers struggling with fundamental questions. That's why ISO is pleased to provide access to a robust suite of cyber insurance products that enable you to underwrite coverage based on the specific risk characteristics of your policyholders.

To help address a major issue facing today's cyber insurance market—the need for more detailed underwriting and rating related information—­ISO developed loss costs informed by its analysis of cyber loss data* including:

  • 1.7M unique risks
  • 1K+ industry classes
  • $2.5B in loss-causing events
  • 32K historical cases

*ISO analysis of licensed third party data

2020 Commercial Cyber Liability Market

How big is the cyber insurance market and where is it heading?

Click here to download the ISO MarketStance-Commercial Insight white paper that projects 2020 commercial cyber liability markets.


Our Cyber Solutions Suite


AIR offers insurers modeling and analytics solutions that help inform risk selection, portfolio management, and risk transfer as well as help you comprehensively assess your total cyber risk exposure across their portfolio of business.

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ISO MarketStance

You can leverage our complete Cyber market premium and exposure analyses, and organic growth projections using powerful analytics based on our highly-detailed, Cyber data sets.

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ISO Electronic Rating ContentTM (ERC) for Cyber

Launching soon, the ISO ERC Suite for Cyber will provide an automated representation of:

  • the rating data for Cyber from the ISO Commercial Lines Manual (such as advisory loss costs and list of valid limits/deductibles)
  • the rules for acting upon that rating data (such as premium calculations)

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PCS Global Cyber

Whether you’re looking to benchmark losses to an independent, reliable standard or transfer risk, you’ll want to learn more about PCS Global Cyber. With PCS, you can accurately gauge and project total loss aggregation for potential, large-scale, cyber risk loss events.

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The Industry Standard for Cyber Risk Protection

The ISO Cyber Risk Suite can help insurers and their customers address cyber exposures that are potentially catastrophic.

Small and Midsize Businesses

Small and midsize businesses are frequently a primary target of cyber criminals. This discovery-triggered policy form can help businesses address cyber exposures these businesses often face.

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Larger Enterprises

This ISO program can be tailored to suit the individual needs of an insured, whether they be a non-profit, commercial enterprise, financial institution, or media company.

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Informed Pricing Decisions

One of the biggest challenges to underwriting cyber insurance is lack of access to data. Access refined class-level pricing related information which can enable you to account for industry-specific differences in risk.

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Pricing Cyber Insurance Seminar –
Lloyd’s Old Library, London

Interested in learning more about cyber loss cost methodologies and data solutions designed to help you as a cyber insurer make more informed pricing decisions?

Here’s an ISO seminar - Pricing Cyber Insurance - we conducted at Lloyd’s Old Library in London:


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