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The emergence of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles could alter the very foundations of auto insurance—and leave unprepared insurers behind.

Verisk can help you build change into your strategy now, so you can respond to your customers’ evolving needs.

Bracing for impact

Will ADAS decrease accident frequency? Will severity increase as damage to advanced sensors drives up repair costs? ISO actuaries combed the data for answers.

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Into the future with ADAS and vehicle autonomy

Verisk is monitoring the implications for auto insurers of the growth of ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Read a conversation with an auto safety expert about this developing field.

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A new map for auto liability?

Fully autonomous vehicles could transform how liability is assessed. See how technology may put auto insurance on a whole new road.

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Out front with what’s new

ADAS and autonomous vehicles fit into a larger landscape of potential challenges and opportunities for insurers. A new Verisk study provides a wide-ranging overview of these emerging issues.

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Get the industry standard

Discover the industry standard for symbols and track high-tech driver aids.

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Connect with our full suite of personal auto solutions

Discover tools for underwriting and rating, fighting fraud, driver information and discovery, renewal analytics, telematics, application prefill, and more.

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Find an expert

Let the Verisk Speakers Bureau connect you with thought leaders to help you and your team gain new insight into the coming transportation revolution.

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