ISO ClaimSearch® Data Insights from Incoming Claims Post-Hurricanes Irma and Harvey

Hurricane Irma

Effects of Hurricane Irma: The influx of flood, water, and wind claims in Florida on
September 10-17, 2017


Hurricane Irma: Comparison of wind, water, and flood claims on September 10-11, 2017

Irma claims comparison

Top Ten Florida Zip Codes Where Claims Are Originating

Top 10 Florida Zips

Hurricane Harvey

Distribution of Claims Per Day, August 25 – September 6, 2017


Auto Claims

The number of automotive claims that insurers received increased until August 31, with the largest day-to-day increase taking place on August 26. That’s the day Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, and claims spiked 220% compared with the previous day.

Between August 25 and September 6, the overwhelming majority of claims (85%) were related to flood damage, while 10.5% of claims were for property damage.

Homeowners Claims

The greatest increase in the number of claims received was on August 26, 2017, when the hurricane made landfall in Texas.

Slightly more than half of the homeowners claims received in this area between August 25 and 30, 2017, were related to wind (52%). Just less than 12 percent (11.7%) of the claims were for water damage, and 5.81% were for flood damage.

Aerial Footage of Damage Sustained in Rockport, Texas


Progression of incoming claims in Houston area, August 25-30, 2017


This progression represents losses in the Houston area, August 25–30, 2017. The losses are color-coded as follows:

Yellow = Wind
Red = Flood
Green= Water
Blue = Other property damage

Spike in Texas Flood, Water, and Wind Claims since August 25, 2017

Spike in Texas Flood, Water, and Wind Claims since August 25, 2017
This chart shows the dramatic spike in flood, water, and wind claims over the past week compared to average reported claim volume in Texas.

Top Ten Texas Zip Codes Where Claims Are Originating

Top Ten Texas Zip Codes Where Claims Are Originating
Here is the current top ten Texas zip codes reporting claims since August 25, 2017.

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