COVID-19 ISO Insights

Various Guidelines Released for Post-COVID-19 Risk Management

May 18, 2020

By: Christopher Sirota, CPCU

Although the COVID-19 crisis continues to persist in some countries and cities, some buildings will be re-opened for certain businesses and schools as lockdowns are gradually lifted.

A CNET article reported on various expected developments that may follow in places where lockdowns are lifted. The article listed the following example locations that will reopen or already have reopened:

  • The largest shopping mall company in the U.S., Simon, plans to open in more than 20 states by May 16th.
  • Schools in Denmark, Beijing, and Shanghai have reopened. California is considering reopening in July.
  • Georgia is lifting lockdown rules for "gyms, tattoo parlors, [and] hair salons […]."

In anticipation of such re-openings and return to buildings and other spaces, there have been various guidelines released by both government agencies and non-government entities.

The following are some examples of websites with suggested guidelines:

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