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COVID-19 ISO Insights

How Could Storefront Cameras Assist with Driver Safety in the Delivery Economy?

September 21, 2020

By: David Geller, CPCU, SCLA

The COVID-19 crisis has facilitated an acceleration of at least two trends in the restaurant industry: an increase in food deliveries and the rapid construction of al fresco dining structures or areas in city and neighborhood streets. If these activities persist in the years to come, some restaurants may emerge into a hub for delivery vehicles, which would more frequently be driving in and out to pick up orders while dealing with limited driving space due to the increased presence of al fresco dining.

This could have implications for driving risks, such as increasing the chance for collisions. With the potential for more cars coming in and out in tighter streets, Axios has reported on a startup focused on developing curb management software that hopes to mitigate the potential for accidents and make food delivery more efficient.

The startup, per Axios, seeks to partner with street-facing storefronts, and place tiny cameras on their windows that can identify when parking spots become available, and alert the users of the app accordingly.

Ideally, the optimized version of this technology, which may require 5G technology to operate more efficiently, would mitigate the chances of accidents between delivery drivers that seek parking in crowded areas. Over time, if autonomous vehicles are used to conduct deliveries, then this type of technology could theoretically be incorporated into that process as well.

Axios reports that this company has just launched a new pilot program in Washington D.C. to gain insight on how effective the current technology is, and if it works for users as intended.

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