Insurance to Value

Our insurance-to-value system gives you replacement cost estimates and helps you maintain the ratio of insurance coverage to the value of the risk throughout the policy life cycle. The system supports catastrophe risk management, lets you determine highly refined by-peril rating relativities, and uses aerial images to assess the need for a property inspection. MORE  

Location-Specific Risk Data

From hail and wildfire to sinkholes and foreclosure, our risk-specific information represents every address in the United States. Our data and analytic tools provide objective, accurate location-specific risk assessments throughout the policy life cycle. Our services help you make superior underwriting and rating decisions at the both policy and portfolio levels. MORE  

Policy, Claims, and Coverage Information

Our policy, claims, and coverage products verify home ownership, provide details on past claims, and generate reports with up to seven years of claims data on all losses due to all perils. Other tools give you mortgage record reports, credit reports, and scores to evaluate applicants based on requested coverage.