Identify nature’s target zones

Climate change and population shifts toward areas prone to catastrophe are heightening the need for insurers to understand their exposure to potentially devastating losses.

Manage your wildfire exposure

Wildfires have increased dramatically in the past decade, and loss exposure will continue to grow as development encroaches on high-hazard areas of the wildland-urban interface (WUI). Learn how deeper understanding of these effects can help you underwrite and manage your wildfire exposure with greater insight.

Wildfire solutions


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Flood insurance solutions

Capitalize on the privatization of flood insurance in the United States. Building a profitable private flood insurance program presents major challenges, but one-stop access to enhanced data analytics and underwriting information from Verisk can help you compete in this environment.

Flood solutions

AIR Hurricane Model for the United States

The steady increase in the number and value of coastal properties continues to raise the risk of catastrophic losses from hurricanes. Insurers need robust modeling to gain reliable, detailed information about potential wind and storm surge losses before they occur as well as the ability to differentiate risks at a granular level.

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Hail and severe thunderstorm risk

Changing weather patterns are creating new challenges for insurers with exposure to hail events and the severe thunderstorms that often produce them.

Hail and severe thunderstorm solutions

Earthquake risk

California earthquake zone service

Match insured addresses to state-designated earthquake zones and subzones for required reporting to the California Department of Insurance.

Probabilistic modeling

AIR’s U.S. earthquake model covers tectonic and induced quake risk, incorporating shake, fire-following, and liquefaction components as well as the subperils of tsunami and landslide.

WaterLine offers location-specific risk analytics for flood

As growing numbers of U.S. homes and businesses become vulnerable to flooding, private insurers are seeing a potential new pathway for profitable growth—but they need underwriting tools to help them launch or refine programs to cover this risk.

Constant innovation keeps insurers ahead of wildfire risk

Assessing wildfire risk to properties takes deep, diverse, large-scale data that’s been subjected to sophisticated analytics and scientific methods within an ecosystem of constant innovation.


The Role of Catastrophe Models in the Evolution of the Flood Insurance Market

The evolution of catastrophe risk models is among the most significant developments in the insurance industry over the last 30 years.