Commercial Property Survey Services


We identify building hazards and high-risk conditions, provide improvement recommendations, gather business and financial information, and evaluate internal fire protection systems — giving you information you need for underwriting, rating, loss control, and risk management.

On-Site Survey Reports

Survey reports — verified and validated on-site property and liability risk-assessments — provide high-quality information gathered by our field representatives on conditions and hazards at any property in the United States.


Verisk’s PhoneAssist is a suite of phone support services that help you improve your underwriting and rating processes. Our team of more than 120 National Processing Center professionals gives you accurate information on customers, properties, and hazards; determines whether customers make recommended remediation; and verifies contact information.

Premium Audit

The ISOPAX® Network (ISO Premium Audit Xchange®) provides immediate centralized access to some of the best premium audit vendors in the country, without a capital investment or lengthy project cycle. We offer fast implementation, ease of use, order inventory management, security, and exceptional customer service. Our exclusive network approach to outsourcing increases efficiency while reducing expenses, resulting in increased productivity for customers and vendors.