Static Storage with Pumps

Water for sprinkler systems can also come from natural or man-made bodies of water, such as wells, lakes, ponds, or reservoirs. Those static sources need to deliver the water in the volume and duration required by the system and the anticipated hose streams. And the water must be available 24x7x365.

To ensure that water is available for firefighting, a hydraulic engineer evaluates the water source. The engineer conducts a detailed study of the water source to determine if the required volume and capacity will be available, even during a 50-year drought in the area.

If the water comes from a dynamic source, such as a well, engineers must “proof” the water. They conduct tests to ensure that the water supply can keep up with the demand and draw of the fire pump. Safeguards must also be in place to make sure the pump won’t clog with debris, fish, or silt.

Hydraulic engineer evaluating the water source
Water supply source for sprinkler system