Control Valves and Drains Summary

Sprinkler room

A well-designed sprinkler system is a highly effective method of minimizing property damage from a fire. But simply installing a sprinkler system doesn't guarantee adequate fire protection. Proper maintenance and testing ensure that the system will function as intended and suppress the fire with minimal water damage.

A few key points:

  • Valves allow building staff to perform testing and maintenance on sprinkler systems.
  • It's extremely important that all valves and drains have proper identification.
  • Indicating valves visibly show when a valve is open or closed.
  • A leading cause of sprinkler failure is not returning a valve to its open position once repairs and/or maintenance are complete.

Verisk has trained field staff to evaluate the design, installation, and condition of sprinkler systems anywhere in the country.

The following report includes information on automatic sprinklers: