Automatic Sprinklers Summary

Simply installing a sprinkler system doesn't guarantee adequate fire protection. To be effective, a sprinkler system must be properly designed, installed, tested, and maintained.

For example:

  • Personnel must immediately replace any damaged sprinkler or any sprinkler that has discharged.
  • The system's designers must choose the appropriate type and temperature rating.
  • The system's installers must position the sprinklers properly.
  • No one should ever paint a sprinkler.
  • Nothing should block a sprinkler.
  • Nothing should hang from sprinkler pipes.

We have trained field staff to evaluate the design, installation, and condition of sprinkler systems anywhere in the country.

Water supply should adequately supply all sprinklers that operate during a fire, and provide enough water for fire department operations.

The following report include information on automatic sprinklers: