Commercial Property | Special Offerings

We offer a variety of special offerings that help you manage risk and improve your underwriting process.


Loss Cost Quote Report

For buildings eligible for class rating, the class-determined loss cost is the average of all properties that fall within a range. The Class Insight ratio — using a range of .50 to 2.0 — is a more precise evaluation of the class-rated risk.

Customer Partnership Program

We've designed Verisk's Customer Partnership Program to make our customer relationships more collaborative. Together, we'll plan, create, innovate, and implement new programs and processes for your commercial property needs.

Engineering and Safety Service

Engineering and Safety Service (E&STM) is the leading provider of technical, legislative, and regulatory information for risk management and loss control. We provide technical reports, training programs, legislative and regulatory information, and unique consultation services for managing commercial property/casualty risk and promoting the safety and welfare of the public.

Sprinkler Plan Review

An ISO Sprinkler Plan Review — for building-code and fire officials and sprinkler-system contractors — gives you an unbiased evaluation of a planned sprinkler system before the building goes up or the system goes in.


Verisk's PhoneAssist is a suite of phone support services that help you improve your underwriting and rating processes. Our team of more than 120 National Processing Center professionals gives you accurate information on customers, properties, and hazards; determines whether customers make recommended remediation; and verifies contact information.

Portfolio Assessment Services

Verisk's Portfolio Assessment services help you maximize the profitability of your book of business by giving you greater insight into your portfolio and suggesting how to improve its overall health.

ProMetrix® Surveys and Analytics

Packaging Verisk's ProMetrix® commercial property database and related analytics and our on-site survey services offers you one of the most comprehensive sources of underwriting information and rating data available.

Take-Out Services

Verisk's take-out services give you critical property information you can use — before you write a policy — when you assume take-out business from Florida's Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.

Verisk Commercial—Training and Education

Ongoing training and education might be one of the most important functions of any strategic partnership. Our goal is to make sure our customers take advantage of every resource and opportunity your relationship with Verisk offers.

360Value® Commercial

How reliable are your commercial property replacement cost estimates? Verisk’s 360Value for Commercial Lines provides more reliable, component-based replacement cost estimates that account for virtually all material and labor required to rebuild.