Safe spray operations
Unsafe spray operations

During painting/coating processes, flammable and combustible liquids have increased exposure to many ignition sources, such as electrical equipment, heating devices, and hot metal.

Underwriters should understand the hazards associated with the following operations:


This process presents serious fire hazards because it involves putting very hot metal parts into a liquid.

Flow coating

Flow coating refers to the application of coating material with nozzles or slotted dispensers. Hazardous conditions may exist if materials are combustible, if heat processes are part of the flow coating, and if surplus materials aren‘t collected properly.

Dip tanks

Dip tanks are vats filled with flammable or combustible liquids. Manufacturers use them for dipping a wide range of items, such as furniture, tools, and various materials used in manufacturing processes. The tanks must have overflow and fire protection.

Spray booths

Spray booths are power ventilated structures that enclose spray operations. Many manufacturers and repair facilities use spray booths. Fires involving liquids and residues from spray operations ignite easily, spread rapidly, and are difficult to extinguish.