Underwriter's Checklist for Cooking Hazards




1. Have personnel installed cooking equipment, grease removal systems, and extinguishing systems according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the standards of the NFPA, the American Gas Association, or UL?



2. Are cooking areas and exhaust systems clean and free from grease buildup?



3. Do cooking equipment and exhaust systems have adequate clearance from combustible materials?



4. Does the hood cover the cooking area?



5. Is all electrical equipment, including fans, approved for use in a grease-laden atmosphere?



6. Is there a certificate of installation and a current maintenance agreement for the extinguishing system?



7. Has an automatic fuel shut-off been installed and connected?



8. Is a manual activation device for the extinguishing system located in an exit path?



9. Are extinguishers installed and maintained in accordance with NFPA standards?



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