Comprehensive Commercial Auto Solutions

Macro-economic trends are challenging commercial auto insurers—while premiums are up, so are claims frequency and severity, resulting in losses outpacing premiums. There was $9.7 billion in underwriting losses from 2012–2016. As insurmountable as that may seem, the most profitable insurers have consistently achieved combined ratios that are, on average, 14 points better than the industry during this 5-year period.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you win in the commercial auto marketplace. Our solutions provide value on every step along the path to profitability.

Analyze your book to find and fix premium leakage and misclassification

  • Identify the sources of premium leakage from misclassifications in vehicle size, use, and operating radius.
  • Explore your speed-to-quote and distribution channel relationships to improve efficiency.
  • Understand how your rating plan impacts your business performance.

Reimagine your commercial auto marketing and risk segmentation strategy

Automate your data capture for risk pricing and underwriting decisions 

Monitor your risks and industry trends to keep a competitive edge 

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