Technical Advisory Services


We provide technical information, training programs, and annual meetings to serve the needs of loss control and premium audit professionals.

Our reports help you properly classify exposures for commercial casualty insurance, including general liability, commercial auto, and workers' compensation. We provide detailed descriptions of all state-specific and national workers' compensation and general liability classifications. And we offer a variety of other technical publications and training manuals, as well as web-based training, educational seminars, and an annual conference for premium auditors.

To help you manage commercial risks, we provide legislative and regulatory information for risk management and loss control. Our reports cover a broad range of areas, including construction management, fire protection, natural hazards, and product safety. You can use our summaries and analyses of federal and state regulations to improve your delivery of loss control services to customers. Each year, loss control executives participate in an annual forum to discuss industry trends and find solutions to common challenges.

Products and Services

Information is the lifeblood of risk and capital management, especially for catastrophes and weather events. With PCS, you'll get immediate access to the severe weather data you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently.

ISO's advisory prospective loss costs are accurate projections of average future claim costs and loss-adjustment expenses — overall and by coverage, class, territory, and other categories.

ISO’s Actuarial Service provides the information you need to enhance your decision making and boost your productivity and profitability. Using ISO’s data to supplement your own experience, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions about product pricing, marketing, underwriting, reserve adequacy, and reinsurance needs.

ISOnet brings ISO's vast wealth of insurance information to you over the web. With ISOnet — the information service for insurance professionals — you can easily locate current and historical ISO documents, eliminating the time you'd waste tracking down misplaced or filed copies. And ISOnet has powerful search features — plus user-friendly navigation and hypertext linking — to put a huge collection of ISO information right at your fingertips.