Actuarial Consulting Service

Pricing, Reserving, and More

Think of ISO's actuaries as your actuaries — here to help you, particularly when you're operating with a lean staff or no actuarial staff at all. Even if your company is a major national writer with a large staff of actuaries, ISO's Actuarial Consulting Service can provide an effective alternative to deal with specific problems better, faster, and more efficiently than diverting your in-house actuarial resources from other critical projects.

ISO's actuarial consultants can:

  • help you determine pricing for a wide variety of insurance programs, taking into account your loss experience and anticipated changes in your operations
  • help you develop rates based on a combination of ISO advisory loss costs, competitive analyses using custom research, and your own or other loss experience and information
  • project losses for your insurance exposures at various retentions and analyze the effect of various reinsurance options and other methods of financing risk
  • provide analyses of liabilities for unpaid losses tailored to your company's unique experience
  • prepare Statements of Actuarial Opinion, as required by regulators
  • conduct analyses to help you manage your capital, determine your reinsurance needs, set line-of-insurance productivity targets, and develop plans
  • educate your staff on various actuarial techniques

ISO will customize its actuarial services to meet your needs. We're available to advise you on a variety of pricing and reserving issues. We'll provide the information and analyses you need to make better pricing and reserving decisions.

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