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Verisk Wildfire Risk Analysis

Wildfire Risk Analysis

Verisk Wildfire Risk Analysis determined the number and percentage of properties at high and extreme risk from wildfire in the most wildfire-prone western U.S. states and Canadian provinces. To see the full report for each state or province, please fill out the form on the right.

Verisk Wildfire Risk Analysis uses data from FireLine®, Verisk’s wildfire risk management tool. FireLine evaluates wildfire risk at the address level using advanced remote sensing and digital mapping technology to assess the primary factors contributing to wildfire risk—fuel, slope, and road access. FireLine also identifies properties located in Special Hazard Interface Areas, indicating risks exposed to wind-borne embers.

Download the latest FireLine Risk Reports

FireLine® provides scoring based on environmental wildfire risk factors, and mitigation insights at both the property- and community levels.

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