Insurance verification on demand from Verisk

Streamline how you verify coverage—without missing a beat

Discover CV- VaaS™ (Verification as a Service), powered by Loan Verifier™ to help lenders and insurers share lien, policy, and claims information using “multilingual” data innovations from Verisk. CV-VaaS is a powerful digital tool for the times that can cut through manual processes and help ease the transition to remote work environments.

Gain a competitive advantage as you boost efficiency and improve the customer experience through our services:

  • Loan Verifier, a new contributory database for lender/lessor information.
  • CV-VaaS, a service for lenders and lessors to verify insurance coverage in real time via a user interface or API. Promptly confirm details such as deductibles, coverages, and insurable interests listed on the policy.
  • Total Loss Alert™, automated lienholder notification when the financed vehicle has been deemed a total loss. Reduce delays, expedite payouts, and streamline the total loss process to cut costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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