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Baseball In Glove

6 Winning WCMSA Strategies

With the ever-changing world of Medicare compliance, it’s never been more important to have a winning game plan ready.

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A Path To Digital Transformation

A Path to Digital Transformation

With all the technology available today, “going digital” might sound easy. But in commercial lines insurance, that’s just not the case.

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Florida Case Study

Adapting to Florida's new roof coverage rules

Verisk's analysis of the benefits of using comprehensive roof data to navigate the complex Florida market.

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Advance Adoption Analytics

Adoption of advanced data analytics

To improve customer satisfaction and advance business goals, insurers can deploy advanced analytic tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Total Loss

Aligning Replacement Cost Estimates and Claims

This report documents the results from our ongoing comparison of replacement cost valuations to total loss claim estimates using a multistep process.

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Riskcheck Application Integrity

Application Integrity — The Whole Truth

Three large national auto insurers were looking to deepen their understanding of a conundrum many insurers share: Their loss ratios were rising at an alarming rate.

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Automated Insights

Are you on the path to better workers’ comp claim outcomes?

Download the report, Lighting the Path to Better Outcomes, to learn how automated insights are transforming workers’ comp claims.

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Data Advantage Hero Image

Are you taking the right steps to optimize your insurance portfolio and drive success?

Insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all business. But there are some common best practices that can help no matter what type of insurance you write.

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Woman Of Asian Descent At Computer Small

Assessing for Unfairly Discriminatory Outcomes

Verisk’s FairCheck enables insurers to customize testing and mitigate instances of unfair discrimination to meet dynamic state regulations.

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Small Commercial

Automated Underwriting: Winning in the Race to Zero

For effective automated underwriting, insurers must master the intersection of data, analytics, workflow, and technology.

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Book Smart Teaser

Book smart: Measuring your true risk

Stay current, accurate, and focused with a small commercial portfolio analysis.

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Marshall Fire

Building property risk profiles from a data ecosystem

As natural catastrophes grow in severity, so does the value of data ecosystems that provide a comprehensive view of property risk

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Quote Small Commercial Report

Business Name + Address = Quote

Did you know that seven in 10 underwriters report losing deals by taking too long to process small and medium-sized business applications?

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Capital Flight Risk

Capital Flight: Protecting Intellectual Capital

The nature of insurance company operations can them particularly vulnerable to intellectual capital risk.

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Old Dogs

Capturing Runaway Old Dog Claims Can Lead to Big Rewards

Are your old claims lying around the office or floating in the cloud, waiting to be closed? What can you do to resolve them? Download our report to find out.

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Auto Risk Indicators Web Teaser

Case Study MVR Indicator

Streamline and save on motor vehicle reports.

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Data Management Card

Charging down the path to data-driven success

Insurers need to be data-driven to succeed—it’s a key component for success in all areas of insurance. Download our white paper to learn more.

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Commercial Auto Case Study Teaser

Commercial Auto Case Study

Summary sighting analysis using Verisk’s RadiusCheck helped recapture millions of dollars in premium leakage, enough to potentially reverse negative loss trends.

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Digital Media Database

Detect fraud in loss photos and digital media files

Digital image fraud is on the rise. Discover the innovative tools that help you stay ahead of the fraudsters.

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Women review work on a laptop

Discovery Navigator Savings Calculator

Slash time and spend on medical record review with Discovery Navigator and calculate your potential savings via our virtual calculator.

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Claims Solutions

Do More with ISO ClaimSearch

Did you know ISO ClaimSearch® is more than just the industry’s largest loss history database?

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Elevated Digital Quoting

Elevated Digital Quoting for Two Regional Auto Insurers

Learn how simplified integration enabled innovators to compete on a larger stage, boosting conversions, and profitability, and improving customer experiences.

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Aerial View Of A Neighborhood

Executive Insights

Learn about key trends in the insurance market based on Verisk’s proprietary datasets and expert analysis.

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Datos Insights Dominant Player

Explore Policy System Trends and Datos Insights’ Dominant Player

Datos Insights' latest report explores policy administration systems trends for life, annuity, and benefits insurers, and why Verisk’s FAST remains a leader in the space.

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Abstract City Skyline

Five core commercial property attributes for data-driven underwriting

ProMetrix gives commercial property insurers a 100% fill rate for five core attributes that are essential for effective underwriting.

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Iot Data

From IoT Data to Actionable Insights

Fill out the form to download a copy of our new white paper, Inside the IoT Data Refinery: Extracting Insights from Telematics.

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Personal Property

Have you explored nonrate actions on your book?

Verisk can provide critical underwriting data to help you quickly identify and better inform nonrate actions within your book of business.

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Image Analytics

How image analytics is transforming data-driven underwriting for small commercial insurers

Image Analytics: artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision combine to deliver insurance-ready insights to empower your automated underwriting journey

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Survey Services Card

How Insurers Can Use Verisk’s Survey Services to help Enhance Profitability

Download our white paper to learn how to improve portfolio performance and grow your business profitably.

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360value For Personal Property 2

How is your property book holding up to the latest inflation surges?

Amid record-breaking increases in reconstruction costs and growing inflationary pressures, 360Value can deliver a review of your book of business.

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Teaser Life Ehr

How to Leverage EHRs

Discover how life insurers can put electronic health records to work and realize the promise of straight-through processing.

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Human Insight Digital

Human Insight, Digital Empowerment

On-site inspections are critical for commercial property insurance underwriting, but technology and data are expanding survey capabilities.

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Close up view of cracked, arid, orange-colored soil

Ice, Fire, Wind, and Water

Examine recent activity, trends, and data-driven tools that can help measure and mitigate risk surrounding destructive categories of hazards.

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Illuminate unseen claims fraud with advanced analytics

Organized fraud rings target insurers with the weakest fraud detection programs. Is your company on their hit list?

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Highway At Dusk

Innovation Strategies for Auto Insurance Underwriting

This paper explores strategies for moving innovation forward in auto underwriting.

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Aerial View Of A City

Introducing Verisk BINS

Verisk BINS is the comprehensive geolocation solution for the insurance and Reinsurance industries offering residential and commercial property coverage for the U.S.

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Data Accuracy

Is Bad Data Ruining Your Claims Analytics?

Learn about the most common barriers to effective data analytics and how to overcome them by downloading the report Is Bad Data Ruining Your Claims Analytics?

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Commercial Lines

Is there a way for insurers to grow commercial lines in this economy?

The Assured Research paper gives industry outlook on tools insurers can use to stay profitable in this economy, and a look at the future of commercial lines.

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Electronic Rating Content Erc

ISO Electronic Rating Content is expanding

Explore findings of a new Celent report detailing how ERC is expanding deployment options to provide greater agility, flexibility, and efficiency for ISO rating content.

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Workers Comp Edi Map

Keep Up with EDI Compliance from State to State

The EDI Reporting Map is an interactive tool that visually displays each state’s EDI reporting requirements and other key compliance information you need to know.

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Keeping Pace With Anti Fraud Teaser

Keeping pace with anti-fraud innovation

Insurers have been embracing faster, digitalized claims processes the past few years. But these advancements mean it’s more critical than ever to establish a strong…

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Know more with ProMetrix

Starting this spring, Verisk is providing additional detail on how we verify and update data in our ProMetrix commercial property reports. Watch the video to learn more.

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Marketstance Customers Teasers

MarketStance customers know where the market has struggled. Do you?

Check out the latest Assured Briefing, which uses MarketStance data to explore the current insurance landscape.

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Medicaid Recovery

Medicaid Recovery: Five things you need to know

Learn the full scope of advancements in Medicaid recovery, and learn what this means for your organization.

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Bulls Eye Dart

Medicare 2023 Watch List

Download our report, Medicare 2023 Watch List: Mastering CMS’s Moving Targets to Stay Compliant and Improve Claims Outcomes, to navigate Medicare updates and trends.

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Map Hero Image

Medicare Advantage Recovery Rights

Medicare Advantage Plan (MAP) enrollment is growing, and with it comes the expansion of recovery rights.

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MedSentry Report

As a contributor to the Aggregated Medical Database (AMD), you can receive a detailed benchmarking report from ISO MedSentry.

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Bop Campaign Teaser

Meet Verisk's Refreshed ISO Businessowners (BOP) Program

Verisk’s Businessowners (BOP) program is undergoing the most significant changes since its inception, with new classifications and updated NAICS codes.

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Section111 Teaser

Navigate Section 111 Penalties 'Final Rule’ with Confidence

CMS Section 111 'final rule' has generated a lot of interest. Insurers need to understand the penalty provisions in the new rule to avoid possible fines. 

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Florida Roof Case Study

Navigating the Florida market with robust roof data

Florida's market and regulatory forces are changing the profile of roof exposure for insurers. Powerful data and analytics can help maintain a clear picture.

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Outdoorsy Uncovers Fraud Teaser

Outdoorsy uncovers fraud, cuts cycle time with Claim Essentials

Outdoorsy uncovers fraud, cuts cycle time with Claim Essentials

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Paas Basic Training Course

PAAS Basic Training

Complete a separate registration form for each person registering.

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Paas Basic Training Course Teaser

PAAS Company Sponsored Training

Complete the registration form.

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Lightspeed Api Abstract Hero

Ready to invest in powerful underwriting analytics?

What insurance company CIOs, CTOs and IT personnel need to know about integrating the LightSpeed Small Commercial API into their systems.

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Dollar Sign Chart

Recapturing Billions in Commercial Auto Premium Leakage

Our report provides an analysis of the causes, scope, and remedies for the problems plaguing many insurers in the commercial auto market.

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Small Comm Data Noise Teaser

Reduce the noise in small commercial data

Identifying the essentials can put you ahead in the race to zero questions.

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Rating As A Service

Save Time and Resources: How to Rate Policies in Real-Time

Insurance carriers and their vendors spend countless hours updating their rating data to stay current with industry changes. But what if there was a better way?

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Six Marks Teaser

Six Marks of a Quality Data Provider

Need quality underwriting data and analytics for small commercial and businessowners’ risks? Here’s what to look for in a provider.

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Special Weather Teaser

Special Weather Report

Winter storm Elliott caused blizzards, high winds, heavy snowfall, and record cold, resulting in damages. This report explores its impact on claims and material prices

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Fighting Fire Where It Starts

Sprinkler Assessment: Fighting Fire Where It Starts

Our white paper, Fighting fire where it starts, explains how the Verisk Sprinkler Assessment Report can help insurers identify risks.

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Commercial Lines Underwriting Strategies

Strategies for commercial lines insurance

Embrace digital transformation to boost speed to market and profitability. Verisk helps you stay competitive, accelerate decision-making, automate underwriting.

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Personal Lines Underwriting Data

Strategies for personal lines insurance

Moving forward in the "new normal", it will take powerful technology integrations, reliable connections, and actionable data to make the best business decisions.

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Streamline Teaser

Streamline your Restoration Workflow with Verisk’s Contractor Toolkit

The Contractor Workflow Toolkit is an ecosystem of products designed to allow seamless integration and data sharing.

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Construction Workers

Stretching Your Playbook for Middle Market Expansion

A strong foundation in small commercial business is a good start. Small commercial and smaller middle market accounts share a similar industry and core lines composition.

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Itv Alignment

Striving for ITV alignment

Verisk recommends five strategies to help avoid outdated valuations that could leave insurers and their customers vulnerable in the event of a total loss.

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Challenges Of Roof Risk

Taking cover: Mastering the challenges of roof risk

Analyzing roof risk calls for a broad perspective—not only having current, reliable data, but knowing how to apply it in the market.

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Riskcheck Thechallenge

The Challenge of Auto Insurance Premium Leakage

Personal auto insurers have at least a $29 billion annual problem: premium leakage—omitted or misstated underwriting information that leads to inaccurate rates.

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Fraud Scenarios

The critical role fraud scenarios play in advanced analytics

Learn why fraud scenarios are vital for SIUs to better operationalize the insights from analytics.

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Lifecycle Of A Property

The Life Cycle of a Property

A greater understanding of risk – or the lifecycle of a property – in an insurer’s book is crucial to help guide profitable growth.

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Construction Worker

The power of LightSpeed Small Commercial

Learn how LightSpeed Small Commercial can help insurers underwrite small and mid-sized businesses in the contractor, hospitality, bar, restaurant, and retail industries.

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Thirdparty Litigation Funding

Third-Party Litigation Funding

There’s a new legal trend on the rise in the U.S. that’s already taken hold in other countries – cases being funded by third parties who aren’t parties to the litigation.

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Trends In Small Commercial

Trends in small commercial digitization

In the fiercely competitive market for small commercial insurance, carriers and brokers are no longer just talking about digitization—they’re making it a reality.

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Riskcheck Unlocking

Unlocking One-Rate Auto Insurance Acquisition

Fundamental market shifts are transforming personal auto insurance. How can insurers unclog the sales pipeline and boost customer loyalty?

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Track The Latest Changes To Reconstruction Costs

Verisk Reconstruction Cost Analysis

Download the report for an indication of how 360Value replacement cost estimates may change at the national and state levels for the current quarter.

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Wildfire Risk Analysis

Verisk Wildfire Risk Analysis

The Verisk Wildfire Risk Analysis determined the number and percentage of properties at high and extreme risk from wildfire.

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Award Teaser

Verisk’s FAST Awarded ‘Luminary’ Status

Celent’s 2023 Policy Administration System: North American Individual Life Insurance Report Highlights Verisk's FAST Platform

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Verisk Fast Platform

Verisk’s FAST Platform Remains a Leader in ISG Evaluation of Life Insurance Solutions

Explore how FAST outperforms other platforms for the third consecutive year with seamless integration, a flexible architecture, and deep domain expertise

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Xcelentawards Teaser

Verisk’s FAST Wins XCelent

Verisk won two of Celent’s 2021 XCelent Awards for individual policy administration systems (PAS) in North America and achieved the highest category—Luminary.

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Ai Focused Infographic

Welcome to underwriting in the AI era

Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping the landscape of small commercial insurance underwriting.

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Sna Teaser

What can Aristotle teach you about your anti-fraud strategy?

What can Aristotle teach you about your antifraud strategy? An examination of what SNA is and how it's used to create a robust defense against insurance fraud.

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Claim Severity Card

What Went Wrong? Finding Hidden Severity in WC Claims

A seemingly simple workers’ comp claim can quickly spiral out of control, driving up costs and delaying an employee’s return to work.

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Business Owners Policy

Where going small can be a big deal

Learn how to you build a businessowners policy insurance program for commercial insurers.

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